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What You Get

Coaches With Real Experience

Our USAPL Certified Strength Coaches not only teach you how to lift, they compete on the platform right beside you!

State Record Holders and National Ranking

We don't just have a bunch of paper saying we know what we are doing.  Our staff boasts 2 State Record Holders and nationally ranked lifters.  Our clientele list already includes 3 additional record holders.

Group Fitness gets a Makeover

Tired of group fitness classes that stop working after two weeks because they never change?  We have a treat for you!  All classes are done in a fun competitive atmosphere.  Come see the Frostbourne difference.


Our Center

USAPL/IPF Certified Equipment

Getting ready for a big meet?  Train on certified equipment, with a certified Strength Coach at our Regional Training Center

Two of the biggest Names

Rogue Fitness and Westside

Everything you need to succeed on the platform

We are dedicated to making you as strong as you can possibly be and we have the equipment to do it.

Cardio Strength

For those of you that love to sweat....

We have an unlimited potential number of workouts in the back room.

Proudly Drug Free

We maintain a strict no drug policy in accordance with the USAPL and have quickly made ourselves known by capturing over 30 state records.

Upcoming Deals

2018 New Year Promo! Look for our great deals and get yourself ready for the New Year!!!


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Help our Athletes Compete

Your support and contributions will help us to Compete in National and International Competitions. We have Athletes from all walks of life who are dedicated to competing and Proudly representing Lehigh Acres. 

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